Event. Promoting transparency on energy costs: heating & cooling solutions

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Heating and cooling represents approximately 47% of the total energy consumption in Europe and, due to its characteristics, is generated on-site or nearby. This means that a substantial part of Europe’s energy consumption depend on the decisions taken by millions of consumers with regard to the supply of their heating and cooling needs.

Taking this into account, it is of the utmost importance to promote transparency and clarity towards end -users and other stakeholders regarding the costs of heating and cooling solutions.

  • What are the relevant factors behind the determination of costs and prices of heating and cooling technologies?
  • Which are the most relevant factors affecting the consumer decision? Is it the investment, the energy costs, the performance?
  • How to promote comparability between different technologies, including between renewable and ‘fossil fuel based’ options?

The partners involved in the project FROnT, Fair Renewable Heating and Cooling Options & Trade will share some of the findings and proposals stemming out from this joint initiative.

Industry players from the Renewable Heating and Cooling sector (bioenergy, geothermal, solar thermal, air-source/water based/geothermal heat pumps) are invited to participate in an online workshop with the following topics:

  • Levelised costs of heating and cooling: a new common approach
  • Acquiring a heating and cooling system: Key decision factors in five European countries
  • Comparing solutions: promoting transparency and a level playing field

This online event will take place on the 30th January, from 11h00 to 12h30 CET. Participation is free-of-charge but requiring registration.

Please register here.