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This page contains all of the available and forthcoming FROnT Publications

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Final Report

Executive summary


Results oriented final report

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Extended executive summary

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Policy Priorities

Strategic Policy Priorities for Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe

This paper gives a set of strategic policy recommendations to support the deployment of renewable heating and cooling technologies. ). It starts with analysing the main barriers that are currently hampering the deployment of renewable heating and cooling technologies and proposes a set of policy recommendations for EU, national and local policy-makers to overcome these barriers.


Key Success Factors for Renewable Heating and Cooling Support Schemes

A good practice guide for setting up integrated support schemes

This FROnT Manual of good practices provides recommendations for the design and implementation of successful financial support schemes for RES-HC technologies. It covers technical, economical, financial, legal and marketing aspects.


The Key success factors for RHC support schemes

Following an in depth review of policies in eight EU member states, a number of key success factors have been identified by the FROnT project.

Consultation Closed

Results of consultation events

The FROnT project  has published the key conclusions from a series of consultation events, known as National Consultation Platforms (NCP), undertaken by each of the Energy Agencies involved in the project.


Integrated Support Schemes for RHC- Assessment Report

This document presents a summary of Key Success Factors identified by FROnT partners during the assessment of RES-H&C schemes implemented in several European countries

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Costs of Heating and Cooling

Methodology for estimating costs

Technical Report on the Elaboration of a Cost Estimation Methodology.

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How to use the FROnT cost methodology

Guidelines: Using the RHC costs’ estimation methodology ES NL PTPLDE

Online cost estimation tool

The overall objective of the tool is to assess the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies (biomass, solar thermal, air-source heat pump and ground-source heat pump) against traditional fossil fuels.

DISCLAIMER: The FROnT tool has been simplified to make it easy for end-users.
The calculations and results provided by the tool should be supplemented by real quotes from experts on the ground. An investment decision should not only be based on the results provided by the tool.

Renewable Heating and Cooling Cost Estimation Tool (multilingual)

Cost estimation tool: Frequently Asked QuestionsESNLPT PL DE

Cost estimation application tool (xls file)

Information Sources for understanding the cost of heat

The FROnT project is working on how the costs of energy (heat and cold) are defined. As part of this work, a ‘technical report on the elaboration of a cost estimation methodology’ is being prepared.

This bibliography will serve as a useful reading list for anyone investigating costs of heat.

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Comparison of the Efficiency and CO2 emissions of different heating and cooling systems.

The final energy consumption and CO2– emissions of four renewable energy heating systems has been compared with one conventional heating.

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The Heating and Cooling market

End user decision making factors for H&C system choices

The behaviours and attitudes of European consumers towards the heating, cooling, and hot water systems they use have been analysed in a study of more than 5500 participants representing private households, tertiary buildings, and industry.

The study of examined why current systems are used, where users get information about thermal energy, why they choose some systems rather than others, how they perceive different sources of energy, and their sensitivity to price changes.

  • European Report

This report brings together the results from all countries to show general trends

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  • National Reports
The Netherlands (English) The Netherlands (Dutch) Portugal (English) Portugal (Portuguese) Spain (English) Spain (Spanish) Poland (English) Poland (Polish) United Kingdom(English)
  • Database of the National Surveys 

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The data is made available for experts (academic, industry, consultants, public authorities) provided that any use references to the FROnT project and the support of the European Commission.

Promoting transparency of H&C costs

Recommendations for promoting transparency of energy costs ES NL PT  PL

Capacity Building

Summary of FROnT Capacity Building actions



The Netherlands  






Proceedings from conference on policy priorities for Heating and cooling

Proceedings of the high level events  

Factsheets and interviews