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Contacts and support

RHC cost estimation tool

The overall objective of the tool is to assess the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies (biomass, solar thermal, air-source heat pump and ground-source heat pump) against traditional fossil fuels.

DISCLAIMER: The FROnT tool has been simplified to make it easy for end-users.
The calculations and results provided by the tool should be supplemented by real quotes from experts on the ground. An investment decision should not only be based on the results provided by the tool.

Renewable Heating and Cooling Cost Estimation Tool (multilingual)

Cost estimation tool: Frequently Asked Questions

Decision making tools

Making decisions about installing and replacing parts of heating and cooling systems can be difficult, so the FROnT project is working on a number of tools to support end users when making these choices.

These tools will be based on studies of what are the most important factors for consumers, and will present information in a clear and simple way.

Discover the tools