Welcome to FROnT

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Welcome to the new website of the FROnT project.

Click here to view a presentation of the project.

FROnT aims at promoting a level playing field for Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) in Europe and to develop both strategies for RHC deployment, and improved understanding of the costs of RHC vs fossil fuel use. It analyses both existing support schemes and end user decision factors, in order to help establish strategic policy priorities for RES-H&C.

It will help establish a framework for more efficient and effective support schemes, and enhance clear and transparent communication with European consumers.

The work involves stakeholders from industry and public authorities from several EU members states including ES, PT, UK, PL, NL and AT. It is led by a consortium gathering representatives from industry and national energy agencies, assisted by partners providing specific expertise. The partners will assess recent and innovative support mechanisms to identify key success factors regarding designing, setting up, and operating integrated support schemes for RHC, based on the value of the energy produced and involving different applications (residential, non-residential and industry).