New EU energy label on efficient heating devices

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New EU energy label for efficient heating devices

New energy labelling and eco-design rules entered into force since 26 September 2015.

They set requirements for nearly all boilers, combiboilers and water heaters with rated heat output ≤ 400 kW as well as for hot water storage tanks with a storage volume ≤2 000 litres. Energy labelling and eco-design are two of the most effective policy tools in the area of energy efficiency. Ecodesign aims to improve the energy and environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle, while energy labelling requirements aim to providing consumers with information about environmental and energy performance of products.

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This is part of a wider reform of energy labeling, with the European Commission proposing the return to  the original A to G energy label scale, simpler and well understood by consumers. “since its introduction twenty years ago, the success of energy labelling has encouraged the development of ever more energy efficient products. This has resultedin the current label becoming too complex”, the Commission said.